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  • Employer Rejection Letter example document template

    Employer Rejection Letter

    What should be included in an employer rejection letter? You can edit and print the rejection letter template using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages.

  • Employer Job Refusal Letter example document template

    Employer Job Refusal Letter

    In what way can you write a job refusal nicely? This is a fully editable template that can be downloaded in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs.

  • Candidate rejection email example document template

    Candidate rejection email

    What are the steps in writing a letter of refusal for an employee? Regardless of your operating system, download this template in any of the available formats.

  • Employee Training Plan example document template

    Employee Training Plan

    What to include in an employee training plan? No matter which operating system you are running, you can easily download this training plan template.

  • Write-Up Form example document template

    Write-Up Form

    How to write-up an employee? Write-up forms should contain what information? Download this sample write-up form template for your reference.

  • Employee Write-Up Sheet example document template

    Employee Write-Up Sheet

    What information should be included in employee write-up forms? With this sample sheet template, you can easily create your own sheet as you see fit.

  • Write-Up Form template example document template

    Write-Up Form template

    An employee write-up form consists of what? For writing your own customized form, you can use this printable sample write-up template as a guide.

  • Employee Warning Notice Checklist example document template

    Employee Warning Notice Checklist

    If an employee needs to be warned, how should you do it? There are several file formats available for downloading this sample form template.

  • Employee Warning Notice Template example document template

    Employee Warning Notice Template

    What is the format for a warning notice? Using this sample notice template is easy and you can customize it to meet your needs.

  • Employee Warning Letter Template example document template

    Employee Warning Letter Template

    In what format should a warning letter be written? There is a sample letter template in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Pages formats that can be edited.