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Instead of creating a new document from scratch, you might want to start with a template that you easily customize to your own needs. The templates, examples and samples provided are editable in Word, Excel, any many other office software solutions like LibreOffice, WPS. G suite, and WordPerfect. Documents included are for example business plans, presentations, rental contracts, checklists, and non-disclosure agreements. Each of the templates is instantly downloadable. 

Documents are used by an organization to interact, conduct business, and assess efficiency. From basic email messages to complicated legal agreements, company documents come in all shapes and sizes. Some papers are written by staff and business owners, while others are written by outside experts such as accountants and attorneys. Since records serve as evidence of an organization's transactions and can be referred to for years, they must be well documented. Business documents are described as “all books, records, files, business records and plans, reports, correspondence, documentation in respect of agreements, and other financial and consumer data used or kept by the Transferring Company in connection with the Transferred Business, if any such item is in the print, electronic, or other formats.”

This ensures that all contracts, agreements, meeting minutes, paperwork, and other records are considered business documents. Data and records are often used by businesses to enhance their operations. Every effective business has a system in place to keep track of these records.
  • Memo Format example document template

    Memo Format

    How to make a Memo? Memos are usually written in three parts, an introduction, a discussion and a conclusion. Download this Memo format now for your convenience

  • Business Letter Template example document template

    Business Letter Template

    How to write a business letter? What are the 3 formats of a business letter? Download format business letter format right now for your help and ease.

  • Partnership Agreement example document template

    Partnership Agreement

    Professional partnership template in Word. This well described example will reduce potential for complexities or conflicts among partners

  • Types of documents on our website:

    1. Proposals; These papers can take days of correspondence and several rounds of edits and they can also be called a Declaration of Works, so it is vital to keep them all together so that you don't miss something. It's crucial that you keep up with your proposals in today's linked world to ensure you can easily react to negotiating details.
    2. Invoices; It is in your best interests to stay and arrange them. If you complete a work, ensure the steps in the invoicing process are followed by the message. You couldn't be paid for work you've done when one of those falls through cracks.
    3. Plans of business; Anyone who has made a change knows that time, engagement and teamwork are needed. The various editions can take weeks or even months to complete, particularly if you are working on a project with one or more employees. In order to ensure a well thought-out final product and a successful company, you want to keep track of all your edits.
    4. Agreements & Contracts; All arrangements include buying, licensing and enterprise contracts, as well as a host of other contractual contracts and agreements. Since these contracts are often time sensitive and need constant communications and provisions, keeping up with the paperwork is more critical than ever.
    5. Organizational documents; Any correspondence between the organization, proposals, notices and other activities related to projects, both internally and externally. These documents hold the light on at work and need to be arranged so that workers can easily figure out what they need.
  • How to write business documents?

    In a business environment, there are many different types of documents produced. These include fax documents, business cards, memo, schedules, minutes, Tablets, analytical charts, information sheets, letters, slide shows, and more. All of them have different purposes and applications.

    What is important about business document writing?

    A document is described as "a piece of writing, printed or electronics that provides information or proof or serves as an official record." The method of making a written text, then, is document writing. Sounds straightforward, okay? We all learn how to write in school, after all, and we all know how to open a text on our computer.
  • Business Plan Outline example document template

    Business Plan Outline

    What are the five necessary parts of a business plan? How do you write a business plan step by step? Download business plan outline from this page.

  • Sales Order Form example document template

    Sales Order Form

    How do you use a Sales Order Form? When looking for a Sales Order Form you can always download and use this one.

  • Grant Proposal Template example document template

    Grant Proposal Template

    How do you write an effective and engaging grant proposal? Check out this sample Grant Proposal Template now for your benefit.

  • Business Card Maker example document template

    Business Card Maker

    How to design business cards in PowerPoint? Custom business cards can be useful when starting a business, to help you network with new customers, partners, etc.

  • Sales Plan Template example document template

    Sales Plan Template

    How do you use a Sales plan template? When looking for Sales plan template you can always download and use this one.

  • Pricelist Excel example document template

    Pricelist Excel

    How to create a Pricelist in Excel? A pricelist is an important means of communication within a business. Download this sample price list template now.

  • Thank you for your business letter example document template

    Thank you for your business letter

    How do you write a Thank you letter for your business? When writing a business letter check out and download this thank you for your business letter