Supermarket Job Applications

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What are Supermarket Job applications?

Job application forms are used to gather information from job applicants during the hiring process and are approved documents where employers require all candidates to fill in their information. You may fill out the questionnaire on a work search platform with a third party or on a prospective employer's website.

An employer can request that you file a hardcopy paper form as well. Employers are applying and they provide the same questions in a standardized format that each person applying for an open position must answer. The history and working experience of each candidate can be easily compared by employers. A career application form is a list of questions, which include truthful answers, as opposed to a letter written and formatted to emphasize the most important and admirable qualifications. Job applicants may also request references and employers' names and contact addresses, in particular direct superiors. If your prospective employer may reach your current employer, you will be questioned. You should say yes or no; employers know you do not like a new job from the same employer.

An effective job application for Shopite includes:

  • Name candidate;
  • Contact details (phone, email, etc);
  • Academic/Education experience;
  • Work experience (last 5 years most important);
  • Professional references (optional);
  • Availability (flexible/full time, weekends, night shifts, etc);
  • Date of application;
  • Applicant signature.