Blogpost Guidelines


  • Minimal 400 words of content.
  • Well writen content.
  • Content must be readable (not too complex, not too simple).
  • Content must be unique.
  • Images used must be unique.
  • Author must be provided.
  • Backlink provided.
  • No code injection.
  • No negative competitor remarks.
  • No content or backlinks that directly competes with
  • Not more then 2 backlinks may be provided.
  • Following media is accepted: images and video (including youtube videos).
  • Website to which we backlink to has a Google Pagerank not lesser than 1 point below our current pagerank (2-nov-2022: 4/10). Actual pagerank you can check at:
  • Website is not a linking directory.
  • Website/domain exists longer then 3 months.
  • No hate, politics, crime, adult, gambling related content.
  • The blog post is for free if you provide a piece of content on your website that refers with a dofollow backlink to one of our templates or promotes one of our premium templates on a well written webpage on the website we are backlinking to. If there is no template that fits please provide one or ask us to create one (one time fee of $20 USD).
  • If you can not refer back to our website, the yearly subscription fee is 50 USD per blog post automatically extended each year. 

The process

To make the process as easy as possible we set up the form below that automates the process. Any blog valid post request will be added to the website withing 4 working days. Click the button below to initiate the process. If you have any questions or remarks feel free to contact us through our contact form or by email.

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