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What is a presentation?

A presentation is a communication method that can be adapted in different language contexts, for example communicating with the audience, speaking to a meeting, or speaking to a team. A presentation may also be employed as a general term that includes other "speaking engagements," including speaking at a wedding or talking at a video conference. To be successful it should be examined carefully step by step and how and how to display the details.

You must pass a message to the listeners and always have a convincing aspect in a presentation. For example, it could be a speech about your organization's positive work, about what an employer may give you, or why you should obtain additional project funding.

  • A3 Pamphlet Template example document template

    A3 Pamphlet Template

    How do you make a simple pamphlet? Looking for a blank pamphlet template? The pamphlet template uses a three-pan layout with enough space to include your company message and call to action.
  • Pride Month presentation example document template

    Pride Month presentation

    What is the best way to present Pride Month Celebrations? As a guide for your presentation, download this template for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.
  • Parents Day Poster example document template

    Parents Day Poster

    What are the guides in creating a Parents Day Presentation? Download this sample template and us it as your guide in creating your own customize presentation.

  • What are the different styles of presentation?

    • Informative Presentations: An informative presentation is educational, concise, and to the point. While other presentations may entertain or inspire, the main goal of an informative presentation is to share information. A good example of an informative presentation is a human resources benefits presentation. Human resources needs to explain what benefits employees receive, how benefits work, which important dates employees need to remember, where employees can find more information, and so on. 
    • Instructive Presentations: A presentation that teaches something is similar to an informative presentation, but it goes beyond sharing facts. It also instructs the audience on a specific topic. People attend or view an instructive presentation with the intention to learn, and they leave with a better understanding of the topic of the presentation.
    • Persuasive Presentations: Many presentations hope to sell something or persuade the audience to take certain actions. Persuasive presentations often present a problem and explain their solution using data. Examples of persuasive presentations include business pitches or sales proposals.
    • Motivational Presentations: One of the most prominent examples of inspiring presentations? TED Talks. Many motivational speakers use TED Talks to inspire people to think or change their behaviour. 
    • Motivational presentations in the business world may not be as dramatic or life changing as a Tidal, but they still aim to generate interest or gain an audience’s approval. A company overview presentation is a good example of a motivational presentation. It may present the information of a company — how it was founded, who is leading it, what the company does — but more importantly, it tells the company’s story. 
    • Decision-making Presentations: Need to decide within the company? A presentation that shares a problem, solution options, and their outcomes can help speed along the process. Decision making presentations might be found in business meetings, government meetings, or all-hands meetings.
    • Progress Presentations: Imagine our hypothetical company decided on a marketing strategy to meet their goals. Now that they have a campaign in place, they need to report on the progress of said campaign. This sixth presentation type shares status updates, progress towards deadlines, collected data so far, any obstacles popping up, and tasks that need to be added or adjusted

  • Question & Answers related to Presentation Samples, Tips and Guidelines

    • How to make the perfect presentation?

      Instead of aiming for perfection, which is (by definition) unattainable, how about aiming for effectiveness? That’s a goal that any speaker can reach, with help—no matter your level of presentation skills or experience.

      What if I am nervous during Presentation?

      Many people have a fear of public speaking. Extra preparation and structure is essential to overcome nerves. Take the heat off yourself by involving the audience early. Short video clips, overheads or a computer presentation can take the focus off you at any time. Take deep breaths before you speak and don’t rush – the audience isn’t going anywhere. Speak Slowly. Don’t be concerned if you make a mistake or trip over a word, just keep going like nothing happened.
  • Comic-Con Presentation example document template

    Comic-Con Presentation

    How to make a Comic-Con event social post? How to create a nice event poster? When is the next ComicCon? Download this CC poster your guide in creating your own
  • Canada Day presentation example document template

    Canada Day presentation

    How to create Canada day presentation using power point? When is Canada day? Download this Canada Day Post template as your guide in creating your own poster.
  • Bastille Day Presentation example document template

    Bastille Day Presentation

    Where can I find instructions on creating a Bastille Day presentation? On what day does Bastille day fall? Do French people care about it? To make your own Bastille Day post, download this presentati
  • Thanksgiving Invitation Example example document template

    Thanksgiving Invitation Example

    A Thanksgiving invitation letter sample for you to use when inviting your friends, family, or other guests to your house for the holiday.
  • Veterans Day Quotes example document template

    Veterans Day Quotes

    How to write a Veterans Day Quotes? Why we celebrate Veterans Day on November 30? Download this Veterans Day Quotes now for your reference.
  • Veterans Day Templates example document template

    Veterans Day Templates

    How to make a presentation on Veterans Day? Why we celebrate Veterans Day on November 30? Download this Veterans Day Presentation now for your reference.
  • Labor Day USA Presentation example document template

    Labor Day USA Presentation

    How to make a Labor Day Presentation USA? When is the Labor Day in USA? Download this Labor Day Presentation USA now for your reference.