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How to create a nice poster quickly?

You can use our poster templates to create an informative poster that highlights your research findings. Have you been asked to present a poster at a school event, an educational quiz, a research project or a conference? We offer a poster editor tool that allows you to customize our templates as you wish. Our pre-designed templates can be customized or you can start from scratch. You can choose a different background design, add a modern aesthetic, or position the layout horizontally, portrait or vertically. Do you need a poster design for your research project, university assignment, or seminar? It is possible to find thousands of creative poster templates on our website for your business or social media accounts as well. Get your perfect image from these arrays by searching them. Posters like this are helpful for educational purposes, but they can also be used for advertising purposes. This can be used on street lamps or outside stores to advertise. Use our poster maker to customize fonts, colors, images, and more.

You can do the following general steps to make a poster:

You do not need excellent design skills to make a good looking poster if you do the following:

1. Choose and download a suitable poster template in the file you prefer: PPT, DOCX, Canva, Google Slides, etc 

2. Personalize your poster design with the features available

3. Get even more creative with more designs, clipart’s, photo’s, etc. Search for copyright free images in Google by selecting images, “tools” and “usage rights”. Select: “Creative Commons Licenses” and download your favorite images..

4. Save your prints in the final desired type: PDF, JPG, PNG, or DOCX, PPT, etc.

  • Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Poster example document template

    Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Poster

    How to create a dinner fundraiser poster? To complete your poster, simply download this sample template and add your clipart, coloring, and Png graphics.
  • Raffle Ticket Poster example document template

    Raffle Ticket Poster

    How do I plan a raffle fundraiser? You can easily download this poster template into any word processing program. Get this template now and start printing.
  • Kids fundraiser poster example document template

    Kids fundraiser poster

    How do you create a fundraising poster? Our easy-to-use platform allows you to design and print anywhere you need. Get started now by choosing our template.

  • How do I create a poster template in PowerPoint?

    Follow these steps when you make a new poster in PPT or PPTX:

    1.  To change slide size, go to Design -> Slide Size.
    2. Customize the slide size.
    3. Select the width and height (maximum 56 inches)
    4. If you prefer a Landscape (horizontal) orientation, choose that.
    5. Then click OK.
    6. Whenever you see a warning that says "The current page size exceeds the printable area on the paper" just click OK.

  • Question & Answers related to Posters

    • How to make a Poster in Word?

      Open your Microsoft Word processor. You can find posters at the top of the page by typing 'Posters'. Download the template of your choice from the available premade templates.

      How to make a poster in Google Docs?

      Google Docs has a poster template that you can use for your poster. The size, color, style, alignment, and background of a document can be customized using various formatting tools. By selecting the 'insert image' option, you can add images.

      How to make a poster in Canva?

      It takes just a few clicks to customize your design with Canva's drag-and-drop functionality. Thousands of beautiful poster templates are available in our large database.
  • Basketball Fundraiser Poster example document template

    Basketball Fundraiser Poster

    How do you make a fundraising poster? With Bizzlibrary's free and editable templates, you can increase your fundraising event's impact. Get this template now.
  • Baseball Fundraiser Calendar Poster example document template

    Baseball Fundraiser Calendar Poster

    What do you put on a fundraising poster? Boost your fundraising event with free and fully editable templates from Bizzlibrary. Get this template now.
  • Barbeque Fundraiser Poster example document template

    Barbeque Fundraiser Poster

    How do I make a fundraising poster? Fundraising Poster Templates are available from us now! Find these templates at Bizzlibrary. Today's latest template.
  • 2023 Chinese New Year Template example document template

    2023 Chinese New Year Template

    How to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023? With this ready-made template, you can easily print or modify this anytime you want. So get this template right away.
  • Mind Map Template example document template

    Mind Map Template

    How do you create a mind map? For your ready made and easy to modify sample template, it is also design uniquely and can be download or print right away.
  • Glycemic Index Chart example document template

    Glycemic Index Chart

    When reading a glycemic index chart, what should you pay attention? You can keep your blood glucose levels in check by reviewing our free glycemic index chart.
  • Template with reward poster for missing person example document template

    Template with reward poster for missing person

    Where can I find an example of a missing person poster with a reward? Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages formats are all available for use with this poster template.