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A report can be described as a formal or informal statement or account of events, findings, observations, or recommendations prepared by a person or a community. A report may be delivered orally or in writing.
It may be written by a single person (such as a secretary, department manager, or investigator), a group of people, a committee, or a sub-committee. A report may be prepared on a regular basis (e.g., an annual report for an organization or a monthly report from a division to the head office) or only once (e.g., an annual report for an organization) (like a report by an enquiry committee).

How to write a formal Report?

  1. Plan before you write;
  2. Check for an in-house format;
  3. Add an appealing and clear title;
  4. Write a concept table of contents;
  5. Add a summary or abstract;
  6. Write an introduction;
  7. Outline your methodology;
  8. Present your content and findings;
  9. Finish with a conclusion and recommendations;
  10. Add a bibliography and appendices;
  11. Proofread or ask a second reader;
  12. Update the table of contents;
  13. Save as editable format or PDF and share to those involved.
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  • What are the key features of a professional report?

    1. A report is based on evidence and is often accompanied by figures, data, and references.
    2. A report must be formatted and styled correctly. The report's format and style are decided by its target.
    3. There is unquestionably a meaning to a report. Spreading information is one of the common goals. Compiling a record, guiding action or judgment, producing facts, and so on are some of the other uses.
    4. A report is intended for distribution to a single person, a small group of people, employees of a company, or the general public.
    5. For a report to be accurate, it must meet all of the requirements.
    6. There are different forms of Reports.
    7. Meetings and Reports are inextricably associated.
    8. A report's primary objective is to convey information about a topic.
    9. A report is written for a specific reader or group of readers.
    10. Time is often a factor in a report.
  • What is structure of report?

    The structure of a report is often depending on industry standards, and is always important to follow, to ensure the reader understands how to read the report and where to find the information that he or she needs. A table of contents helps the reader to navigate through the report.

    What is importance of reports?

    In corporate life and for the general manager, reports are of great importance. Decisions are also taken based on a range of controversial and troubling subjects. The association or council, agency, or community members, say, may, by reading the reports of their own associations, committees or groups, learn many relevant and material facts. For the management of general administration, various types of internal and external report are widely used.
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  • What are different types of Report?

    • Statutory reports: Companies are required by law to disclose financial statements to various government departments, and statutory reports are mandatory reports. Statutory reports must follow the structure and rules that have already been established for these types of reports.
    • Non-statutory reports: A law does not mandate the submission of non-statutory reports. These are either formal reports for higher-ranking officials or informal reports for administrative purposes.
    • General or Confidential reports: Business reports may be either public or private. A general report is intended for internal use, as well as the press and the general public. A confidential report is not for all, and it is only provided to a few key people in the company.
    • Annual Report: Annual reports are, as the name implies, reports that are generated once a year. The report is focused on annual revenue, benefit, and data. Every year, at the end of the year, a report is sent to the decision-makers for them to review and prepare accordingly.
    • Informal reports: Informal reports are shorter and usually range from one to ten pages in length. These reports are normal and informal in nature, and they don't necessitate a lot of preparation. Informal reports are often internal and are used to report inside a business. Memorandums and letters are examples of informal reports.
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