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A report can be described as a formal or informal statement or account of events, findings, observations, or recommendations prepared by a person or a community. A report may be delivered orally or in writing.
It may be written by a single person (such as a secretary, department manager, or investigator), a group of people, a committee, or a sub-committee. A report may be prepared on a regular basis (e.g., an annual report for an organization or a monthly report from a division to the head office) or only once (e.g., an annual report for an organization) (like a report by an enquiry committee).

How to write a formal Report?

  1. Plan before you write;
  2. Check for an in-house format;
  3. Add an appealing and clear title;
  4. Write a concept table of contents;
  5. Add a summary or abstract;
  6. Write an introduction;
  7. Outline your methodology;
  8. Present your content and findings;
  9. Finish with a conclusion and recommendations;
  10. Add a bibliography and appendices;
  11. Proofread or ask a second reader;
  12. Update the table of contents;
  13. Save as editable format or PDF and share to those involved.

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