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When comparing something to other similar items, Quality refers to how good it is. To put it another way, the standard of excellence. It refers to a distinguishing characteristic or trait that an individual possesses when used to characterize them. In this way, the term can also be applied to objects. "Mary's greatest quality is her integrity," I will tell if I believe that is Mary's best attribute. We generally apply to people of high social status when we say "people of quality." However, today's use of the word in this sense is less frequent than in the past. It is a measure of excellence in business, especially manufacturing. It may also apply to a defect-free state in this sense.

What is Quality Management?

Quality differs depending on one's point of view, because one business or sector can have a different perspective on quality than another. A manufacturer's concept of quality, for example, can vary from the definition of quality used by a marketing team. This quality indicates that the product or service is valuable and useful to the consumer. As a result, a quality product is one that reliably proves useful. Customers are more likely to use a product or service that is of high quality, reliable, and effective if they feel secure doing so.

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