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When an organization is working on various projects, and every project is unique, multiple teams can be made to achieve higher levels of consistency in processes and to meet deadlines effectively and efficiently. There are various factors that can make a project successful and these factors should be carefully considered to achieve the desired results. In addition to this, there are also different project management styles, which project managers can choose based on the requirements of various projects. 

Project Management

Projects can be of various types, which means they have to be managed differently. Based on the type of industry and business niche, every project needs to be understood and analyzed before jumping on to the actual phase of project management. 

After the initial phase of planning and obtaining sufficient knowledge about the project, project managers can outline the strategies for successful management and implementation of a project. In this phase, the planned tasks are completed within the decided time frame, one after another. This phase has to be managed expertly to ensure that all the important tasks are completed timely. 

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  • The phase of project management can be categorized into different stages. The most important stages of project management are given below:

    • Initiating;
    • Planning;
    • Executing the Planning;
    • Monitoring and Tracking the Progress;
    • Closing and Evaluation.

    Project Documentation

    Project administration is an important part of managing a project. It refers to establishing a smooth and efficient process for producing important documents that are needed for successful project implementation. The documents may include case studies, guidelines for achieving various objectives during different phases of project completion, project requirements sheet and project status reports. All these documents are critical for the successful implementation of a project and project managers must ensure that all these documents are well-managed at all times. 

  • Question & Answers related to Projects Examples

    • What are the 5 phases of a project?

      The phases of a project are: 1) Initiating, 2) Planning 3) Executing, 4) Monitoring and Tracking the Progress and 5) Closing and Evaluation.

      What does a Project Manager (PM) do?

      In general, a Project Manager (PM) is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the completion of specific projects while ensuring the deliverables and project completion are on time, according to budgeted resources, quality requirements and within scope.

      What is a Project?

      A project is an economic or business concept, considered a temporary work effort to create or modify a product or a service, with a clear beginning and an end. There can be different types of projects which have to be managed by an individual, group or organization, intended to achieve specific milestones that meet the project objectives, and an individual or a team works actively to execute the plans devised at the start of a project. Synonyms of project: arrangement, blueprint, design, plan, (master) plan, etc
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  • Project Management Styles

    Different project management styles can be selected based on the nature, urgency and workforce. Discussed below are different project management styles that are common and frequently used by project managers. 

    • Waterfall Project Management : In this type of project management, each step is heavily dependent on the success of the previous step. This is an old style of management but ensures higher levels of success. 
    • Agile Project Management : This is a faster and more modern style of project management that refers to working on a project in smaller chunks or sprints. This approach is useful in developing a flexible work environment that helps in achieving the desired results.

    • Scrum Project Management : It is a bit advanced form of agile project management. In this style, a project is divided into fairly small steps and a short deadline is assigned for the completion of each step. It is an excellent way to manage smaller teams working on large-scale projects. 

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