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Imports are products or services that are brought in from one country to another, while exports are goods and services that are manufactured in the home country and sold to other markets. Therefore, whether you're importing or exporting a commodity (or both) is determined by how you handle the transaction. The global international trade system is a complicated network of import/export companies that manage the selling, distribution, and delivery of products from one country to another. If you want to start a business in this business, bear in mind that there are many different forms of import/export businesses. You could concentrate exclusively on importing or exporting. You could function as a manufacturer's representative for a particular industry, or as an import/export merchant or agent, which is similar to a freelance broker.

  • Purchase Agreement example document template

    Purchase Agreement

    What is included in a Chinese Purchase and Sales Agreement? Download this Chinese English Purchase Agreement sample now!
  • Commercial invoice template example document template

    Commercial invoice template

    How do I make a Commercial Invoice? Check out and download this sample Commercial invoice template now for your benefit.
  • Letter of Authority for Customs Clearance example document template

    Letter of Authority for Customs Clearance

    How do I write a letter of authorization to collect a shipment? Download this sample authorization letter for Customs clearance and release of cargo.

  • What are common types of Import & Export businesses?

    1. An export management company (EMC) is a company that manages export operations for a domestic company that wants to market its product internationally but doesn't know how (or doesn't care). The EMC is in charge of everything, including recruiting dealers, invoicing clients, vendors, and representatives, managing advertisements, publicity, and promotions, overseeing labelling and packaging, coordinating delivery, and sometimes arranging funding or contracting out for the creation of a credit card app. In certain cases, the EMC also acquires control of the products, essentially making it its own distributor. EMCs normally specialize in a commodity, a foreign market, or both, and are paid by commission, wage, or retainer plus commission unless they've taken title.
    2. An Export trading company (ETC) attacks the other side of the trading coin when an EMC has goods to sell and is focusing its efforts on finding buyers. It determines what international buyers want to buy and then seeks out domestic suppliers who are willing to export. An ETC takes title to the products in some cases and acts on a commission basis in others.
    3. Import/export merchant this foreign businessperson operates as a freelancer. He doesn't have a particular clientele and doesn't specialize in any one market or product line. Instead, he buys products directly from a domestic or international retailer, then packs, ships, and resells them himself. Of course, unlike the EMC, he takes full responsibility for all risks (as well as all the profits).
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    • Is an import/export business profitable?

      Several companies are competitive in importing/exporting. It is essential to conduct the research needed in your industry and a well-documented business plan to increase the chances for profitability of your company. It is also necessary to understand all costs of an importation/export company and to define your profit margin when pricing your products.

      What documents are needed to import goods?

      Depending in which country you are doing so, the paperwork that you will need to import goods can vary. For example, In the United States, licenses for imports may be required but the Customs and Border Control entry form remains essential.
  • Acknowledgement receipt letter of goods example document template

    Acknowledgement receipt letter of goods

    Here is the attached a letter for acknowledgement. This letter is ready to use after some amendments according to your personal situation.
  • Invoice cancellation letter example document template

    Invoice cancellation letter

    When writing a cancellation letter for an invoice that was received, check out and download this sample Invoice cancellation letter now.