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A contract is considered to be a legally binding agreement document between two or more parties. It defines and protects the rights and responsibilities of all the parties involved in the agreement. A contract is governed by appointed applicable law and has to be respected by all the parties signing.

Why is contract drafting important?

Contracts are the best way to ensure that the interests of parties involved in a mutual agreement are protected under the law, and each of them will be bound to abide by the terms mentioned in the agreement. If one party breaks the contract, then the other party will have solutions available, which are known as remedies. 

It is best always to write down a contract. If one party ignores the terms and conditions of the contract, it can lead to legal consequences. In such situations, the court usually decides the party's fate that has committed the violation and issues the verdict in keeping with the terms and conditions of the contract.

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    > template > Lease Addendum

    Lease Addendum

    How do you use a Lease addendum? When looking for a Lease addendum you can always download and use this one.

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    > template > Rental Agreement Sample

    Rental Agreement Sample

    How do I create a rental agreement? What to include in a Rental agreement? When looking for a Rental agreement sample you can always download and use this one.

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    > template > Simple Rental Agreement

    Simple Rental Agreement

    How do you use a Simple rental agreement? When looking for a Simple rental agreement you can always download and use this one.

  • Which factors should be considered while writing a contract?

    • Mutual Consent ; An agreement only occurs when one party makes an offer to another, and the other party accepts it. When one party agrees with the offer, it is expected to be unconditional and properly communicated, for example, signing an employment contract.
    • Eligibility; Following parameters to be considered for drafting a contract:
      • For children under the age of 18, a contract can only be made if it is being accepted for necessities or education.
      • For people suffering from mental illnesses or under the influence of drugs/alcohol. In such a case, a legal guardian, conservator or custodian is able to make the decisions.
    • Consideration; Both parties must exchange value for a contract to be binding; this is known as consideration. It is an important part of drafting a contract between the involved parties.
    • Intention; Not every agreement between parties is a contract; it must be made clear that both parties have the intention to be a legally binding contract. During business agreements, it is a known fact that both parties are intending to enter a contract.
    • Entering into a contract with a minor; Under the law, some people do not have the power to enter contracts, and are not considered to be commercially able or of sound mind and judgement, these people include:
      • Children under the age of 7; in some countries a minor between the age of 7 to 18
      • Mentally unstable people;
      • People under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • What presumptions apply on contracts?

    There is the presumption that they do not have the capabilities to understand the exact contents of the contract (sound mind & judgement). This means that the minor will remain protected under the law, which brings the other party to a disadvantage if the child opts to leave the contract.

    What are the different types of contracts?

    Unilateral and Bilateral, Express and Implied, Unconscionable, Adhesion, Aleatory, Option, Fixed Price Contracts. Cost-reimbursable (cost plus),Time and materials contracts,etc
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    > template > Lease contract 租赁合同

    Lease contract 租赁合同

    How to arrange a Lease agreement in China? Download this sample Lease contract 租赁合同 as Microsoft Word DOCX file now and modify according to your needs.

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    > template > General Power of Attorney

    General Power of Attorney

    How do you use a general power of attorney letter? When looking for a General power of attorney letter you can always download and use this one.

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    > template > Rental Lease Agreement

    Rental Lease Agreement

    What should I include in a Rental Agreement? What is the difference between rent agreement and lease agreement? Download this Lease Rental Agreement now!

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    > template > Lease Agreement

    Lease Agreement

    What is a lease? What Should I Include in a Lease Agreement? When looking for a lease agreement template you can always download and use this one.

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    > template > Rights of First Refusal

    Rights of First Refusal

    What is the right of first refusal in law? What triggers a right of first refusal? Download this ROFR agreement sample now for your reference.

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    > template > Release of lien form

    Release of lien form

    How do you use a Release of lien form? When looking for a Release of lien form you can always download and use this one.

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    > template > NFT Sales Contract

    NFT Sales Contract

    What is an NFT Sales contract? An NFT is basically a contract provided by Owner to transfer the NFT to a buyer. Download this NFT Contract for your reference