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Training templates, forms, and sample documents are tools that are commonly used to organize and standardize training programs. A training template provide a structure for creating own set of materials, such as lesson plans and handouts. Forms are used to gather information, such as participant evaluations and attendance records. Our sample documents serve as examples of what the final training materials should look like. These templates and  example documents can help to ensure that training is consistent, effective, and efficient.
  • Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet example document template

    Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet

    Ace your math class with our Pythagorean Theorem template. Download now and improve your skills in no time!
  • Letter Of Recommendation Guide example document template

    Letter Of Recommendation Guide

    Looking for an immaculate Letter of Recommendation for college? Look no further! Download our expertly crafted templates for glowing recommendations.
  • MLA Citation Style - For Research Papers example document template

    MLA Citation Style - For Research Papers

    Easily conduct and manage MLA Citations with our Print and Digital templates. Author and page number automatically inserted. Get new and error-free bibliography with every use. Download PDF or use online!
  • Question & Answers related to Training Templates, Forms, Materials, and Sample Documents

    • Which training material you at least need for setting up your own training?

      To set up your own training program, at a minimum, you will need the following training materials:

      1. Lesson plan: This outlines the objectives, activities, and assessments for each training session.
      2. Training materials: These include handouts, presentations, and any other materials that will be used during the training sessions.
      3. Evaluation forms: These are used to gather feedback from participants on the training program and the trainer's performance.
      4. Attendance records: This is used to track which participants attended each training session.
      5. Emergency plan & contact list: This includes emergency procedures and contact information for emergency responders.
      6. Trainer's guide: This provides the trainer with information on how to deliver the training, including tips and best practices.

      These are the basic materials you should consider to set up your own training program, but depending on the size and complexity of your training program and the type of industry or subject you will be training on , you may need additional materials and materials that are more specific to your needs.

  • Letter of recommendation for medical student example document template

    Letter of recommendation for medical student

    Boost your application with our professionally-written Letter Of Recommendation for Medicine Students. Download for free and achieve your dream education!
  • Employee Training Sign In Sheet example document template

    Employee Training Sign In Sheet

    What is the procedure for making a training sign-in sheet? Use this template as a guide for writing your own by downloading and printing it. Get this now.
  • Workshop Safety Inspection Checklist Template example document template

    Workshop Safety Inspection Checklist Template

    What is a Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist? Just download this template and use it as a guide for writing your own personalized workplace safety agenda.
  • School Write Up Form example document template

    School Write Up Form

    How do you write a student disciplinary report? This sample form is ready-made and easy to customize in a word processor, such as MS Word or Google Docs, etc
  • Exit Interview Students example document template

    Exit Interview Students

    Why is an exit interview important for students? Just download this ready-made sample sheet in Google Docs, MS Word or Apple Pages format and you’re good to go.
  • Metaphors Worksheet example document template

    Metaphors Worksheet

    Where to find smart metaphors and similes? Where to find a metaphor and tutorial worksheet? Get this downloadable file now and learn more about metaphors and similes.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing SSOP Template example document template

    Cleaning and Sanitizing SSOP Template

    Use this free Word template to create the SSOP regarding cleaning and sanitizing within your organization. Just adjust to your own business.