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Posted Monday, June 29, 2020 by Jan Steen (Last modified Wednesday, September 7, 2022)

Documentation is the need of almost every business. It is especially true if the business revolves around many customers and financial transactions. Proper and timely documentation of business transactions helps business operations run smoothly. Invoicing is a critically important element of the documentation process of the business, whether it is small-scale or a big one. In exchange for products and services, businesses need to ensure to get paid on time, and vendor invoice serves this purpose.

What is a Vendor Invoice?

A standard vendor invoice is a document or a bill received by the buyer of goods or services from another supplier, which can either be a company or a person. Vendor invoices hold all the essential information about the transaction. The vendor uses this invoice to initiate a request for payment to the buyer. This article will present vital information to help you understand the vendor invoice, its importance, how to create it, guidelines and tips, and other crucial details.

Why Is a Vendor Invoice Important?

Making an invoice from the scratch is difficult, especially if you are a newbie. Once you understand how to make a vendor invoice, you can easily create one and give it to your customers or clients. Before that, you must understand why a vendor invoice is vital.

The following points highlight the importance of a vendor invoice.

  • A vendor invoice is used to remind or inform the customer or the client of the timely payment of their last purchase. It helps you get your payment on time since it contains details like payment terms, payment modes, the last date of payment, etc.
  • A vendor invoice protects the vendor’s rights, especially in legal matters. Vendor invoice saves vendors from the risks of non-payment and any false claim made by the client or a customer. In case of any problem, a vendor can show the invoice copy in favor of his case.
  • Like other business documents, vendor invoice is also necessary for record-keeping. A well-written, printed, or soft copy of the business transaction makes payment tracking easier and avoids any payment being missed since missing any payment means a loss of revenue. The invoice acts as a future reference that helps to avoid any conflict.
  • The periodic audit requires businesses to present all documents in a proper way, and a vendor invoice is one of those documents that an auditor needs to track the total earnings of the businesses during a specific time period. It also helps to ensure that the income earned by the business is accurate.
  • A vendor invoice bears significance since it contains all essential information about a particular transaction like the products and services provided by the business and used by the clients, their prices, quantity, the total amount to be paid, deadlines, etc. It clarifies the terms and avoids misunderstandings between the vendor and the customer or client that may arise in the future.

How to Make Your Vendor Invoice?

Well, creating a vendor invoice is a time-consuming task. For this reason, you can avail of vendor invoice samples and templates that are available online. Apart from this, you can create your own customized invoices by following the steps given below. Generally, a standard vendor invoice mentions the products or services delivered by the business, payment terms, etc. You can follow the steps below to help you learn the elements you should add to your vendor invoice.

  1. To make your vendor invoice, first, mention the name of your business. The header must contain the name, address, contact details, phone numbers, fax numbers, email I.D., and other details about the business. To keep it more professional, use a single font size according to the nature of your business. You may also include your business logo in the header.
  2. Now, mention the name of the buyer to whom the invoice is to be sent. Also, mention their address, email I.D., and contact details.
  3. Mention the unique invoice number so that you can always track it easily. Also, mention the invoice issuing date and the deadline of payment.
  4. Must mention the payment terms that are based on various modes through which the buyer can pay through and may include checks, credit cards, cash, etc. A section can also be added where you can mention the late surcharges or penalties on delayed payments.
  5. Make a chart with a heading for each column that may include a description of the product or service delivered, the date of delivery, the number of items delivered, their rate, and the sub-total.
  6. Mention the total price of all the products or services you have included in the invoice, including a delivery fee, tax charges, and other costs if any.
  7. A section at the bottom must contain other additional information like thank you note for the buyer or appreciation for hiring your services. You can also write about your return policy in that section.

How to Make Your Vendor Invoice Easily?

These tips will help you create vendor invoices easily and without any stress.

  1. Ensure to mention all the information in the invoice clearly. It helps your buyer easily understand the information, especially the payment terms.
  2. Make sure you are sending the invoice to the right company or person. Sending an invoice to the wrong address may hinder business operations to run smoothly and delay your payment.
  3. Send invoice to the buyer immediately after delivery of product or service. It ensures timely payment and avoids missing any.
  4. To make it easier for the buyers include different payment modes in your vendor invoice. It also helps payment to be made on time.
  5. Use an automatic process for making a vendor invoice. You can find and download vendor invoice samples or use computer software to help you create a customized and nicely-formatted invoice in a matter of minutes.
  6. Always follow up on all the invoices sent to your buyers so they remain reminded to make your payment on time.

Finally, a vendor invoice should clearly mention to the clients the details on how much they have to pay, and by what date they need to make the payments. You can get started by creating your own vendor invoice today. All you have to do is, follow these basic steps.