Advertising Opportunities is a proud member of the Etuzy Group, a leading website pioneer that manages multiple worldwide websites. With more the 15,000 real visitors a day, and its sister websites are spectacular places to promote your products and increase your brand awareness. Our websites offer targeted solutions to identify your potential next customer. Get your message to people who are actively searching out information from a trusted information source.

Contact us for more information and tell us what you are looking for.

Place your message directly in front of receptive and relevant audiences interested in products or services like yours.


Get detailed reports to manage and optimize your campaigns

Set your own budget

Start advertising with a budget that works for your business

Advertise locally or globally

Target your ads by city, state, country or worldwide

Ad Types Available

Sizes Available: Banner 970X250, 728X90, 336X280, 300X250 Mobile Banner:320X50, 300x600, 970x90

Display Rates:
  • Worldwide: [CPM: $6.00, CPC/PPC: $2.00]
  • US only: [CPM: $8.00, CPC/PPC: $2.60]
  • Custom Target (US States & Cities): [CPM: $10.00, CPC/PPC: $3.30]

Customized Template and/or Blog

We write a template and/or Blog in which we also refer to your product or website.

Content Rates:
  • 1 Blog item:
    50~200 USD per month (NO CPM or CPC)
  • 1 Template:
    80~300 USD per month (NO CPM or CPC)
Keep in mind we will validate if the content fits to the website. Any vacklinks need to be provided upfront and may not change afterwards.

For more info please send an email to [email protected]